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Additional Information About Our Lawn Care Services

Throughout the years, we have built for ourselves a rock-solid reputation of competent landscapers who get the job done. Our lawn care services are in demand by the Temecula, CA community because they are comprehensive, affordable, and tailored in accord with the finest practices in the industry. At Amando Lawn Service in Temecula, we value excellence, which is why we handle all projects as our own and with extreme attention to details.

Yard Mowing

Yard Mowing

Offered Services:

Lawn Care — The only way to keep your grass healthy and lush green is to take care of it. Mowing and fertilizing are two of the most important tasks when it comes to turf maintenance and fortunately, we can help you with both. We are armed with top-notch mowers and use only the best fertilizers in order to enhance the nutritional qualities of your soil.

Lawn Mowing — As we said above, we have at our disposal modern and professional mowers. Our machines enable us to trim even the most neglected grassy areas and render them pristine. We can also create different patterns of your lawn that will give it a more playful touch.

Landscaping — What is the purpose of having a well-kept lawn if your open spaces are ill-maintained. Use our landscaping service in Temecula, CA to convert your backyard into a lavish garden that will ideally complement your trimmed turf.

Tree Care — Trees are majestic plants that add beauty to green areas. However, just like grass, they require maintenance. If you lack the tools and skills to properly trim and prune your saplings and adults trees, give us a call. Our arboreal services are renowned for their quality and affordability.

Lawn Aeration — Allowing your soil to breathe will allow for your turf to grow healthier. At Amando Lawn Service in Temecula, we specialize in lawn aeration and we will gladly lend you a hand. We can handle jobs of any size!

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